Architecture by Kennedy Nolan

110 Kooyong Road is comprised of six homes deftly woven into the streetscape so as not to interrupt its visual harmony, a rhythm of form and mass organically crafted over decades. Conceived by Outline Projects – designed by Kennedy Nolan Architects and landscaped by Jack Merlo Design – they embrace the sensibilities of the area and are particularly fitting for local residents seeking an abode that requires less upkeep.

The architecture channels the sensibilities of the area and its heritage: simplicity of expression and the elevation of functionality, respect for what has come before and a desire to create homes for living.

Kooyong is named for a creek that snakes its way south from the Yarra, now known as Gardiners Creek. Before being renamed in the 1830s for John Gardiner, a pastoralist and early white settler of Melbourne who built his home in the area, the creek was known as Kooyongkoot Creek. Kooyongkoot roughly translates as ‘resting place.’

110 Kooyong

The instinct for beauty

Established in 1882, the broad grounds of Flete House once lined a stretch of Kooyong Road. Over time the grounds of the site were subdivided and in 1923 an early multi-residential building was constructed at 108 Kooyong Road. Designed by Richardson and Wood it took the form of a single, large residence in the Arts and Crafts style.

The Arts and Crafts movement, beginning in Britain and flourishing throughout the western world in the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth, embodies ideas of simplicity, honesty, functionality, harmony and nature. Architecturally, the movement was driven by the desire to cultivate a sense of space in order to remain spiritually connected to the home and to nature. Refined aesthetics and functional design were inseparable in this, as is articulated in the design for 110 Kooyong Road.

Hand or heart: process or poetry.

The streets of Melbourne reveal historical architectural landmarks that gain our attention not with a shout, but with a whisper: Armadale, Camberwell, South Yarra and Ivanhoe, among other established suburbs, are home to gems that speak lyrically in the Modernist vernacular.

Simplicity, authenticity, local relevance and variation, and materiality are at the core of the Modernist movement in its diverse and quietly unfolding examples. Through ingenuity, technical expertise and theoretical and social daring, the act of living was understood, interpreted and brought into being in previously unimaginable ways.

Kennedy Nolan

Rachel Nolan and Patrick Kennedy’s practice has been characterised by finding inspiration in how we live. A sense of domesticity, drawn from an intuitive and technical understanding of living spaces, is instilled in their work. Combined harmoniously within ostensibly simple forms can be found a wealth of ideas, a keen sense of materiality and an underlying appreciation of space. Years of experience ensure that the vision as expressed will become an effortless reality, made for living.

Landscapes of the mind

Jack Merlo’s vision finds its origins in the landscapes of the mind. His practice navigates stylistic and functional considerations with poise. The combination of distinct references forms the basis for design work that is grounded in simplicity and elegance. Unique outdoor spaces are created with conceptual rigour and executed with precision. Jack understands that the rhythm, form and character of a garden will have an indelible impact on a resident’s relationship to their home. Design solutions are conceived to be sustainable, manageable and relevant to the location and the resident.

Six Luxury Homes
Architecture by Kennedy Nolan

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110 Kooyong


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Six Luxury Homes
Architecture by Kennedy Nolan

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